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My Intimate Parts

This is the position I end up in when I rub my engorged aching cunt all over your face…

This is actually the position I was in when you sucked, licked, nibbled and completely WORSHIPPED my love button.

Can you worship a little more please?

Now get nibbling!

Well that’s what is happening in my imagination anyway.


Tonight I am *supposed* to be exercising but I just got a bit side-tracked and somehow managed to squeeze these bands on my nipples, which makes me feel incredibly horny and when squeezed leads to that fluttery/achy/LOVELY feeling in my genitals.

What I really need is a little assistance - perhaps some gentle nibbling of my clitoris whilst I gently tug on my nipples.

Is anyone out there available to carry out some *much needed* clitoris nibbling?





Unfortunately my camera is currently out of action so instead I used my phone to record some essential alone time. Yes the quality is shit, but my orgasm felt pretty good and of course that’s always the main thing! :)

Make my pussy twitch..

Guess who’s been a naughty girl today? ;)

Being a VERY naughty girl! I have no idea what came over me, this kind of behaviour is totally out of character! :)

An intimate part, personal part or private part is a place on the human body which is customarily kept covered by clothing in public venues and conventional settings, as a matter of decency, decorum, and respectfulness.

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