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My Intimate Parts

Yes you are correct - I simply can’t keep my hands off my genitals.

Yes my mons is quite hairy but my lips are hair free and very soft to touch, Just how I like them to be. :)

High resolution clit rubbing. So close you should be able to suck it!




I have been exercising lots lately and unfortunately now have no time to masturbate..



FAO: Mr anonymous - here is my button very close up.

I am rather shocked at the number of reblogs of my video, which means that potentially quite a large number of people have seen my plump fanny.  I admit that I am slightly embarrassed by this thought but also *very* turned on.  


It might look warm outside but it is bloody freezing! - hence the goose bumps.


An intimate part, personal part or private part is a place on the human body which is customarily kept covered by clothing in public venues and conventional settings, as a matter of decency, decorum, and respectfulness.

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